How to Make Stickers With Silhouette

Can you use a Silhouette to make stickers? Yes, you can! All you need to do is use the print and cut feature with sticker paper. Let me show you exactly how to make stickers with Silhouette. More importantly, I’ll show both kiss cut and die cut using one pass so you can create your own sticker sheets.

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Christmas stickers made with Silhouette Cameo

Here are the supplies you will need:

  1. Sticker Paper
  2. Silhouette Cameo
  3. Printer
  4. Two blades (I used auto-blade and deepcut blade)

1. Set up page and preferences

First, launch your Silhouette Studio program and open the page setup panel. Set your machine, cutting mat and media size accordingly. Then click the registration marks icon, which is the third tab under page setup. Click to turn registration marks on. The default registration settings are fine and you don’t have to change.

For sticker sheets, we want to work with PNG images. So, let’s go to the top menu bar, click EDIT> PREFERENCES>IMPORT and the last check box in the right column, ensure PNG auto-trace is checked. Click APPLY, then click OK.

Silhouette studio auto-trace png

2. Design Your Print and Cut Sticker Sheet

Next, let’s start designing our sticker sheet. In this example, I want to create two sticker sheets from a single sticker paper. We’re going to create a 4×6 rectangle to represent our sticker sheet. This rectangle will be die-cut. You can include your name, logo, or any wording that you want to appear, just make sure you group it together.

How to make print and cut sticker sheet

Moving on, let’s add our clipart. I’m a huge fan of Mujka clipart because of their diverse designs. To add your clipart, go to FILE>MERGE and select your clipart. It is best that you use PNG images to avoid tracing, as we have already set our preferences to auto-trace all PNGs.

Once you have all the clipart you want on your sticker sheet, arrange them and resize as needed to fit within the rectangle. Be sure to leave space around your images for the offset. I also changed the trace line color for the rectangle to BLUE just for reference. Select all your clipart and group them together. If you don’t want to group them together, you will have to add offsets to each individual clipart image.

Next, select the offset tool. Click offset and resize the offset accordingly. Make sure offset cuts are not overlapping. Select all your new offset cut lines and group them.

Stickers offset and die-cut

Now that your sticker sheet looks as you want it, select everything, rotate it horizontally and duplicate everything. Move your new sticker sheet so that you now have two sticker sheets on your page within the registration mark bounds.

3. Print Your Sticker Sheets

After you’ve designed your sticker sheets, now you can print. I recommend Pretty, Party & Crafty’s glossy vinyl sticker paper. Luckily, since it is waterproof there is no extra step you need to take to make these waterproof. Keep in mind, if adding to dishware, it should be hand-washed only and not submerged in water for extended periods of time.

When printing on glossy sticker paper, ensure you change your printer settings. Your settings should be photo glossy paper to prevent smearing.

Once you’ve printed, let’s get ready to cut. But before I do this, I go back to Page Setup and under Rotate View, I click the last icon to rotate 270 degrees.

Christmas holiday sticker sheets

4. Cut Your Stickers with Silhouette

First, for us to do die-cut and kiss cut stickers in one-pass, you will need two cutting blades. Place one cutting blade in each tool holder on your Silhouette.

Second, make sure both tool 1 and tool 2 panels are open so that you can see the settings for both.

Select your clipart stickers’ offset cut line and click “CUT” under TOOL 1. If any inner cuts show or cuts that you do not want, click those cut lines and select NO CUT. For your settings, create a new material and name it GLOSSY STICKER-KISS CUT. Below are the settings for kiss cut for glossy sticker paper:

  • BLADE: 3
  • FORCE: 10
  • SPEED: 4
  • PASSES: 1

Next, select your sticker sheet rectangles and click “CUT EDGE” under TOOL 2. For any text or logos that you added to your sticker sheet, click NO CUT if they show cut lines. For your cut settings, create a new material and name it GLOSSY STICKER-FULL CUT. Below are the settings for die-cut/full cut for glossy sticker paper:

  • BLADE: 3
  • FORCE: 25 (or 32 if you have a dull blade like me)
  • SPEED: 4
  • PASSES: 1
Silhouette cameo die cut and kiss cut sticker settings

Look at your screen. If the clipart’s offset lines are RED and the outer rectangle is BLUE, you have done it correctly. Now all you have to do is make sure you load a blade in both tool holders of your Silhouette and select the blade type, place your sticker sheet on your mat, load it in your Silhouette and press SEND to cut.

Now you have die cut sticker sheets with kiss-cut stickers! These sticker sheets would make for great party favors or stocking stuffers.

Make Your own Stickers using Silhouette Cameo and Pretty Party & Crafty glossy sticker paper


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