Halloween Costume Contest Ballot Printable

Halloween costume parties are so much fun! If you’re looking for a fun way to encourage people to come in the most unique, spooky, or funny costume, then host a costume contest and grab this free Halloween costume contest ballot printable to make voting easy.

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Grab this free Halloween Costume Contest Ballot Printable to cast your vote for best or scariest costume.

My freshman year of college was BEYOND memorable. One of those fond memories included going to a freshman Halloween costume party. My close girl friends didn’t want to go, but you can’t stop me from going to a Halloween party. So me and a guy friend ended up going. I dressed as Beyonce and I assume he was Jay-Z. Long story short, I didn’t even know there was a costume contest, and we actually won!

Even as an adult, I love Halloween costumes and having a costume contest is a great way to get party guests excited about dressing up.

Free Halloween Costume Contest Ballot Printable

This free Halloween Costume Contest Ballot Printable is available as an instant download digital file for personal use. It is a U.S. letter size 8.5×11 PDF file with 4voting cards on a sheet. The cards are sized 3.5×5 plus bleed and cut lines. The addition of the cut lines is perfect if you plan on having them printed at an office shop, such as OfficeDepot, and request paper cutting service, so that they cut for you.

Grab this free Halloween Costume Contest Ballot Printable to cast your vote for best or scariest costume.


When printing PDF files, ensure that you print at the default size. Do NOT select fit to page. Instead, print at 100% scale default size.

If you choose “fit to page” the design will shrink down in size. While it is not a deal breaker for this design, it can ruin pre-sized printables that need to be specific dimensions to fit correctly.

What Paper to Use for the Halloween Costume Voting Form

You don’t need a lot of craft supplies for this printable. While I usually recommend our brand of paper, the voting ballots are perfect for printing on standard letter size white cardstock. Or you could go the less expensive route and just print on plain copy paper. This is best since guests will be writing on it.

You’ll also need scissors or paper trimmer to cut the cards down to size.

Costume Contest Awards

Think of this costume contest like the Tony Awards or Golden Globes. It can be just 1 winner, but it doesn’t have to be. Instead of doing 1 winner for best costume, consider having winners in different categories. For instance, you can have prizes for the scariest costume, best couple, most creative costume, and funniest costume. Then you can present the contest winners with their award or prize.

Examples Of Awards

Editable Halloween Costume Contest Ballot Kit

If you’d like to be able to personalize the text or add a logo, we do have an editable Halloween Costume Contest Ballot Kit you can upgrade to. It includes a printable sign If you don’t need to personalize it, keep scrolling for the free version.


If you choose to upgrade to our paid version, it allows you to edit or delete categories. You can also add a name and personalize the sign.

Don’t need to personalize it? The free version is below.

Grab the Halloween Costume Contest Ballot Printable Below


There are so many fun halloween party ideas you could do. A traditional costume contest using our ballots is just one. Hope you have a frightfully fun costume contest! And check out this spooky Halloween chip bag favor or this You’ve Been Booed printable. Happy Halloween!


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Grab this free Halloween Costume Contest Ballot Printable to cast your vote for best or scariest costume. Editable version with sign also available.

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