How to Make Custom Chip Bags

Have you ever wondered “what do I need to make custom chip bags”? Or “How to make my own chip bags”? Well, you’ve come to the right place. To help, I’ve compiled a list of supplies, resources and assembly video to show you how to make chip bags.

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Supplies Needed to Make Custom Chip Bags

  1. Glossy Party Printables Paper from Pretty Party & Crafty
  2. Double-sided adhesive or glue gun
  3. Paper Crimper, but I use PNG crimps
  4. Computer
  5. Printer, here are recommendations

What’s the best paper for custom chip bags?

Pretty, Party & Crafty’s Party Printables Paper is the best paper for custom chip bags. It’s also great for other treat wrappers such as fruit snacks, gummy bears, chocolate bars and more. Pre-cut Waterproof sticker vinyl is also available if you’re creating matching juice pouch labels.

Party Printables Paper, the best paper for DIY custom party chip bags

How to Design DIY Chip Bags

I am a hard-core Adobe fan. In the beginning, I used free programs, like Inkscape. Now, I exclusively use Adobe products. You can get the Photography Plan for just 9.99 a month here!

You can purchase a template from us to get you started. What I love about our template is that it is designed to be printed borderless, and eliminates the need for scissors!

Chip bag template from Pretty Party & Crafty.

Then simply add your text and images to your template. There are Photoshop templates and Canva templates available. But you can also find word doc templates online as well.

If you’re looking for child friendly images, check out Mujka. Her illustrations are very diverse and has something for everyone. Just check out this Halloween and Christmas clipart you could use. But personally, I recommend Creative Fabrica because you get access to all of there amazing fonts, graphics, and SVGs.

When designing, set your paper to landscape and your design will be a full page 8.5×11. The middle section will be the front and is approximately 5.25 inches wide. The left and right section will be the back, once wrapped around.

How to Print Custom Chip Bags

When printing your chip bag, print from your design program. I do not recommend printing from Design Space. Print from Photoshop, Affinity, Word or whatever program you used to design and print as a photo from your computer. If you downloaded your design, the easiest way would be to right click your downloaded image and select PRINT from the options.

If using our template and printing from an inkjet printer, I recommend printing borderless. It eliminates the need for trimming later.

Ensure you have your settings set to match your paper. If using our paper, when you click PRINT, go to OPTIONS or PRINT SETTINGS/PREFERENCES and select GLOSSY PHOTO PAPER as your paper type and quality to high.

Printer settings for custom chip bags


This course shows how to design party favors using Photoshop. PLUS, it includes free templates and mockups to get you started!

How to Assemble Custom Chip Bags

There are many ways you can assemble custom chip bags. Below I am including assembly videos to show two ways to assemble your own chip bags The first video is from tik tok which shows how to make custom chip bags resealable. The second video is how I used to do it. Personally, I prefer the resealable method.

If you want to practice, check out one of our designs you can download for free!


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    1. It’s definitely a personal preference. I prefer my epson ecotank, which is an inkjet printer, because of the gloss and prints photos and gradients perfectly. But if you print high volume and want faster prints, a laser printer wins hands down.

  1. What ink can be used? I have 2 Epson Ecotank printers. 1 has sublimation ink and the other has ecosolvent ink. I has has a smaller Epson with the regular ink.

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