Printable Play Money Template: Make Your Own in Canva

Looking for a printable play money template. Check out how you can use this Canva template to make your own play money printable.

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I remember as a kid using monopoly money when playing with my sisters. We used the fake cash to pretend to buy and sell things from each other, but I’m pretty sure my brother robbed the pretend bank, because he always had extra. And when I got my play cash register, I became the fastest checkout girl in our play grocery store.

Learn how to make your own play money using a printable play money template. Personalize fake money as party favors, class rewards, and more.

Play money is fun, but it also teaches money skills and improves mathematical skills for real-world application. What better way to introduce this fun learning technique than with your own custom design using our printable fake money template.

I know there are a ton of places where you can get free printable play money or fake money templates already predesigned. But the pretend play money you can get might not necessarily be the design you want. Maybe you want something unique just for your use. Luckily you can now make your own fake money printables in any style you want using an editable template.  And honestly, the best printable play money is the one made just for you!

Before we dive into everything you need to know to use and get the template, if you’re a visual learner, you can jump to the video tutorial at the end of this post.

About the Editable Template

The template is based off of a U.S. hundred dollar bill and is sized to the actual size of real money to make it even more like the real thing. The printable template allows you to either just add an image, or change colors, add image, text and change the dollar amount. The template is specifically available in Canva, which is a great design program. If you don’t have Pro, it’s definitely worth it, because you get access to all the graphics, fonts and tools. You can get a trial of Canva Pro by clicking here. But, you can still use the free version as well.

Learn how to make your own play money using a printable play money template. Personalize fake money as party favors, class rewards, and more.

Getting Started:

  1. Download the editable template from our shop
  2. Open the PDF file and click the link, it will direct you to the Canva template (3 pages are included)
  3. Customize your pretend money with different denominations, custom text, colors and images. Select all, group together and copy
  4. Open a second document and set dimensions to 8.5×11  letter size, to be your print sheet. 
  5. Paste your design on the new print sheet, and duplicate to fill up the page
  6. Download as PDF and print

Choosing the Right Paper:

I love the look of Party Printables Paper. It gives your play money a glossy finish, making it feel and look extra special. But if you prefer a more casual feel, regular copy paper works just as well for everyday play.

Uses for Printable Play Money

Crafty Party Favors:

Turn your parties into a great way to celebrate by incorporating personalized printable play money into the mix. Customize the bills with fun designs, matching them to your party theme or giving a nod to the guest of honor. Kids get to take home this “pretend cash,” adding an educational twist to the party favor tradition.

Chores Made Fun:

Transform mundane chores into a great way to teach responsibility by using the printable play money. Assign different values to tasks, turning a dull chore chart into a lively competition. Watch as kids eagerly earn their pretend cash while learning the importance of good behavior.


Printable play money isn’t just about the fun; it’s a fantastic tool for teaching financial literacy from the early age of 1st grade. Learn about different denominations, discuss the value of money, and introduce concepts like saving and spending wisely. Whether you’re a homeschool mom or a classroom teacher, printable play money can be integrated into lesson plans for a hands-on learning experience.

Scavenger Hunt Bonanza:

Organize a scavenger hunt where printable play money clues lead the way. It’s a game that not only keeps kids entertained but also reinforces the concept of money values in a fun setting.

Crafting Good Behavior:

Create a reward system with the printable money template. “Reward bucks” or “class cash” become a currency for treats, privileges, or special activities, reinforcing good behavior.

Printable Play Money Canva Video Tutorial

So there you have it – a fun and educational way to add a personal touch to your parties, make chores a breeze, and enhance your board games. Grab the printable play money editable template to start designing your own play money for personal use or to sell!


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Learn how to make your own play money using a printable play money template. Personalize fake money as party favors, class rewards, and more.
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