Easter Egg Printable Playdough Card Holder

On the hunt for some non-candy easter basket stuffers or favors? Grab our free Easter egg printable playdough card holder!

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Celebrate Easter with this non-candy favor idea. Playdough is a great alternative to candy as a basket stuffer idea. And with the price of eggs, these Hanging With My Peeps play dough cards are an alternative to real eggs to hide during an Easter Egg Hunt. This Easter Egg Printable is also a quick and easy Easter Cricut project.

This free Easter Egg Printable Playdough card holder is available in your choice of an instant download PDF digital file, for manual cutting, or PNG digital file for use with cutting machine.

The pdf file is 8.5×11 inches with five easter egg play dough card holders, three blue and two pinks. The png files include 1 pink egg and 1 blue egg. It is made to fit 1oz Play-doh, but to make it match the “Peeps” theme, you could also use 1oz Peeps Dough.

What’s the best paper to use for this Easter printable Playdough and other printable cards?

If using an inkjet printer, Party Printables Paper Cardstock is the best cardstock paper to use to make printable cards and favor tags. It’s glossy to give a nice shine and thick so that it is not easily torn and holds the weight of the play dough.

The inkjet cardstock is glossy and comes in 8.5×11 and 11×17 size. The 11×17 glossy cardstock is great to be able to print and cut many cards on a single sheet.

Supplies Needed for Easter Egg Printable Playdough Card Holder

The supplies you’ll need to make this include the following:

  1. Printer
  2. Cardstock (we use this)
  3. This 1.75 inch hole punch scissors/xacto knife or cutting machine
  4. 1oz Peeps Dough or Play-doh


  1. PRINT: When printing the PDF file, ensure you print at 100% default size. Do NOT click “fit to page”. If doing a print then cut using a cutting machine, make sure the png eggs are sized at 2.97×3.84 inches, duplicate to fill the page and print.
  2. CUT: If cutting by hand, trim the printable eggs down to size. Using the hole punch or xacto knife, cut the inner circle out. If cutting with machine, make sure to set it up as a print then cut.
  3. ADD PLAY DOUGH: Insert the playdough from the top. You could also add washi tape to the back for extra security.

That’s it! Now you have cute Easter Egg Printable Play dough favors. But, if you’d prefer a more religious theme, since it is Easter after all, check out these free Easter printables.

Personal Use Only

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