Free Printable Chip Bag Template to Use in Canva

Looking for a FREE DIY chip bag template? Well, you’re in luck! I’m now giving away my top selling Canva chip bag template and showing how you can make your own design! Whether you’re throwing a birthday party, baby shower, a fun get-together, or any special occasion, these custom chip bags will add that extra flair to your event. 

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DIY chip bags go by many names, chip bag, chip bag cover, chip bag wrapper, chip bag label, snack bags. No matter what you call it, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to make your own cute custom chip bags using this free blank Canva template.

I’ve created many predesigned printable templates over the years, and my top sellers are definitely chip bag party favors. While I also make Photoshop templates, it’s clear to see that Canva party favor templates are in high demand. I could continue selling blank Canva templates, but because they are so easy to make, I figured I would start giving some away as a thank you to my blog readers. So let’s get to it!

Free Chip Bag Template Details

Before you access this blank chip bag digital template, let me give you some details and answer some frequently asked questions.

Grab this Free chip bag template template for Canva and start creating your own diy custom chip bag designs.

What size is the chip bag template? 

DIY chip bag templates are 8.5×11 inches or the size of standard letter size paper. They are formatted to be printed in landscape orientation. The middle will represent the front, while the left and right sides represents the back once wrapped. The left and right edges have a white border that resembles the white stip on the back of snack bags. If you do not want it there, simply design to the edge. Guidelines are included, so that you can visibly see the separation of each section.

​Do you have a chip bag template for Cricut

Honestly, I do not recommend using Cricut design space for chip bags. You need to be able to print borderless so you can use the full size of the paper, and Cricut simply does not allow that. It is currently not possible to print from Design Space without registration marks, and doing “hacks” is simply not worth the time. Printing it with the registration marks on will reduce the overall size and you won’t be able to fit some of the puffier bags, such as Cheeto Puffs.

Where can I get chip bag mockups from?

While I don’t currently offer them, you can find Canva chip bag mockups here. If you’re an Adobe Photoshop user, hey bestie, you can find the photoshop template and chip bag mockup from our Pretty, Party & Crafty shop.

​Download the Blank Chip Bag Template

The instant download file is a PDF file with a link that directs you to the Canva chip bag template. It will download automatically to your computer. Make sure you are downloading it from a web browser (not within a Facebook frame or Instagram frame). Also, if downloading on your phone, go to your downloads folder to retrieve it. Download by clicking the link below

Grab this Free chip bag template template for Canva and start creating your own diy custom chip bag designs.

Supplies You’ll Need

Now that you’ve got your hands on the template, let’s talk materials. To ensure your DIY chip bags turn out as fabulous as you imagine, here’s your checklist:

  1. Party Printables Paper: Trust me, this glossy finish paper is a game-changer and made for standard inkjet printers. It’ll give your chip bags that extra pop, making your designs shine. Plain copy paper, simply will not hold up, especially if the design has lots of color. Opt for the glossy thin paper that Party Printables Paper offers, its the best paper for chip bags and treat wrappers. The 37lbs weight is the perfect thickness, thin enough to easily wrap around your treats, but not so thin that you can see through it.
  2. Printer: Any good-quality printer will do the trick. The goal is to get those high-quality images onto your glossy paper. You can check out this post for craft printer recommendations.
  3. Adhesive: There’s many different types of adhesives you could use. I recommend double-sided tape. You could opt for a small tape roller, or go for something like this, which I use. Others like to use hot glue guns. Choose what works best for you.
  4. Chips or Small Toys or Goodies: Printable chip bags are designed to fit small 1oz snack size chips. However, you can always decide to fill it with goodies of your choice. Small toys or wrapped candy is always a crowd pleaser. 
  5. Canva and Creative Vibes: The most crucial element. Let your imagination run wild – it’s your design, your style, your celebration! This template is for use in Canva. If you don’t have Canva Pro, I highly recommend it, because it gives you access to all of their fonts, graphics and tools.

Would you rather watch the video tutorial instead of step-by-step instructions? We’ve got you.

DIY Canva Chip Bag Instructions

Step 1: Designing in Canva

Open the PDF file and click the link that will take you to the blank template in Canva. Customize your chip bag template to match your party theme. Change colors, add text, pick graphics or upload and add your own elements. Don’t forget to add a chip bag nutrition facts label to the back.

Step 3: Save and Download

Once your chip bag design is to your liking, download your creation ensuring you choose a high-resolution option for printing that looks as sharp as it does on your screen.

Step 4: Print Chip Bag Template

Here’s where Party Printables Paper from Pretty, Party & Crafty comes into play. Print your design on this glossy goodness for the best results. Remember to choose the borderless option so you can skip the cutting step. 

Step 5: Wrap and Seal

Time to turn that printed sheet into a glorious chip bag. Do a soft gate fold, then flip the printed image face down. Adhere adhesive across the top, right, and center bottom edges of the paper. 

If wrapping a chip bag, add the snack bag on top and wrap the paper around. Seal the left/right edges, seal the bottom, slightly squeeze the center, if needed, then seal the top.

If you are filling the bag with small treats, do a gate-fold and seal the left and right edges together, seal the bottom, fill with treats then seal the top.  

Video Tutorial

If you need visual step-by-step instructions, check out the video from my youtube channel below.

Pro Tips

  1. Party Printables Paper: Did I mention it’s a game-changer? The glossy finish ensures your designs shine bright, making your chip bags the stars of the show.
  2. Printer Settings: Remember because you are printing on glossy paper, be sure to change your paper type to “glossy photo paper” in your printer settings to prevent smearing. 
  3. Use Double-Sided Tape: It gives a seamless finish, not bumpy like with hot glue.
  4. PNG Crimps: Save time! Stop manually crimping and add png crimps on top of your design to give the illusion of crimps instead.

Congratulations! Hopefully, you’ve just created adorable chip bags that will steal the show at your next celebration. Whether it’s a birthday party, baby shower, or just a Tuesday night get-together, your custom chip bags are sure to make it memorable. Keep spreading the crafty love, and until next time – happy crafting!

Grab this Free chip bag template Canva
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