Foil Crafting: How to Make Foiled Paper Crafts

Want to learn about foil crafting so you can incorporate it into your paper projects? I’m here to help! Add extra shimmer to greeting cards, invitations, favor boxes, chip bags and more with foiling!

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Foil crafting how to foil paper crafts chip bag with video tutorial

My first time foil crafting involved me adding gold foil to a baby shower ticket invitation. It turned out absolutely beautiful! Since then, I’ve added this technique to create foil art such as wall décor, and more recently, party favor chip bags.

You’ll be surprised at how truly easy it is to do! It is an amazing way to add a bit of elegance to a hobby project or new product.

There are different ways you can use this simple technique and tons of craft projects you can do. Plus, it is great for kids of all ages to try. Even older kids will find great ways to showcase their own metallic designs. Imagine all of the different designs you can create!

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to foil a paper craft, more specifically, party favor chip bags.

FAQs About Foiling Paper Crafts

You will us reactive foil. This foil reacts to laser toner and adheres to it once heated.

No, you can not use an inkjet printer for foiling. You can use it to print the background, but the parts of the design that you want foiled, has to be printed using a laser toner printer.

You will need a laser printer. A basic black and white laser printer is fine.

Foil crafting how to foil paper crafts chip bag


You can find craft foil and most of your supplies from your local Michaels Stores or Amazon. The type of foil you will use is reactive transfer foil. It reacts to laser toner once heated. But keep in mind, you must use a laser printer.

  • Paper– to print your design
  • Inkjet Printer-optional, if you plan on having some graphics that are not foiled
  • Laser printer– a MUST-HAVE
  • Foil sheets- make sure it is reactive foil and not hot stamping
  • Foil machine or Laminator-The Minc is not the only foiling machine you can use. A standard hot laminator works, too.
  • Carrier sheets

Keep reading for the foil crafting instructions. But if you are more visual, scroll down for the video tutorial.



Design your party favor in your favorite design program. I personally use Photoshop. When I design, I group my layers into folders. One folder represents the main design that will be printed using an inkjet printer. I label this folder “inkjet”. The second folder represents the layer that will be foiled and printed using a laser printer. I label this folder “laser” It is important to keep these design elements separate to make it easier when it is time to print.


After you design, it is time to print. Hide the group labeled laser. You only want to print the main elements/background in the folder for inkjet. Print this design using your inkjet printer. As you can see, the text that I want foiled in the center is hidden, and will not be printed on the inkjet.


After printing the inkjet portion, the next step is to load the printed paper into your laser printer. In your design program, hide the group labeled inkjet and show the group labeled laser. Now print this design using your inkjet printer. In the screenshot below, you’ll notice the background is hidden, and only the text I want foiled will be printed on the laser.

Foil crafting paper crafts tutorial


Once you’ve completed the printing steps, now it is time to foil. Trim your foil down to size and cover the area that you printed using the laser printer. This is the only area that will foil.

Place in a carrier sheet and run it through a hot laminator. Next, remove from carrier sheet and slowly peel foil off. You’ll reveal your new shiny foiled party favor.

Foil crafting paper crafts chip bag.


Finally it’s time to assemble! For different chip bag assemble techniques check this out or watch the complete video tutorial below!

Hopefully you’ll take what you’ve learned and dive right into foil crafting. This is a great craft to add a little more shine to favors, invitations or scrapbook pages or any other foil craft you can think of. There are so many fun ideas you can do!


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Interested in foil crafting? Learn how to make foiled paper crafts and create metallic designs for your craft projects

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