Tooth Fairy Letter Free Printable Money Holder

Did your little one lose their first tooth? Tooth Fairy notes are a great way to make fairy visits special. Grab this free Tooth Fairy printable letter money holder in exchange for their tiny tooth.

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When my child does anything for the first time, it is so special and precious. The newness of it all will only happen once. To make your child’s first lost tooth memorable, you can incorporate a special letter from the Tooth Fairy or start your own tooth fairy traditions.

Because the Tooth Fairy rarely comes empty handed, including a money holder with the Tooth Fairy poem is a fun way to celebrate. I’m not sure what the current going rate is for baby teeth, but rolling up a dollar, five, or twenty would work perfectly.

This free Tooth Fairy letter printable money holder is available to download as a 8.5×11 PDF with 4 printable cards, so you can be ready when they lose their next teeth. The design includes a little fairy friend holding a shiny tooth. And because we believe in inclusivity, the tooth fairies are available in multiple skin tones, Dark tone, Tan tone and Light tone.

What’s the best paper to use for this Tooth Fairy Printable Letter Money Holder?

If using an inkjet printer, Party Printables Paper Cardstock is the best cardstock paper to use to make money holders. It’s glossy to give a nice shine and thick so that it is not easily torn and holds the weight of the plastic and money, but you could also get plain cardstock.

Supplies Needed for Tooth Fairy Letter Money Holder

The supplies you’ll need to make this include the following:

  1. Printer
  2. Cardstock (we use this)
  3. Adhesive lined Lip Balm Pouch
  4. Scissors or Paper trimmer
  5. Corner Rounder (optional)



  1. PRINT: When printing the Tooth Fairy Letter money holder PDF file, ensure you print at 100% default size. Do NOT click “fit to page”.
  2. CUT: Trim excess white edges. For a more polished look, you can round the corners using a corner rounder punch
  3. ADHERE: Roll money and put inside the lip balm plastic cover. Remove liner, to expose adhesive and adhere to card.

Once you’ve assembled it, sneak the Tooth Fairy letter money holder under your child’s pillow while they are sleeping. Don’t forget to take the baby tooth with you. To make it extra fun, you could add some fairy dust, small gifts, matching tooth fairy certificates, or even a tooth fairy receipt.

Personal Use Only

All of our printables are for personal use only. Please do not sell, share or redistribute.


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Check out this free tooth fairy letter printable money holder. A free printable tooth fairy note money holder with rhyming tooth fairy poem.

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