A-Z Sublimation Product Ideas to Make and Sell

I’ve been making sublimation mugs for a few years now. They are my go-to for gift giving for special occasions. I absolutely love it because sublimated mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe, as opposed to using vinyl that must be hand-washed. Recently, I have begun to broaden my sublimation horizon and have started making more things such as shirts, tumblers, puzzles and sippy cups.

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Often people ask, “What all can you make with a sublimation printer?” This is a very important question, especially if you’re thinking about buying or converting to a sublimation printer. Well, honestly the possibilities are *almost* endless. Below I’ve created a A-Z list of sublimation product ideas that you can make and sell. This is not all inclusive, as I will be adding more to the list, but it’s definitely something to get those wheels turning and to help you come up with new products to make and sell.

If you haven’t gotten started in sublimation, you’ll need the following

You can view sublimation printers for beginners here. And if you’re looking for mockups to help display your sublimation products, check out this etsy shop. They are my fave for inexpensive sublimation product mockups.

sublimation ideas of things to sell


A growing list of everything you can make with sublimation from A through Z by Pretty Party and Crafty

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